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The Role of Prayer Team

Prayer Teamers serve as a unique complimentary role to the leadership of Impact. Their primary function is to go before the Lord on behalf of Impact for the incoming freshmen class and usher in an attitude of prayer and thanksgiving for the entire staff of Impact. As a Prayer Teamer, you are privileged with leading counselors in weekly prayer for the freshmen class. Additionally, you and your prayer team partner will support your co-chairs in an effort to build unity, fellowship and an attitude of service within the camp, all in an effort to display a glimpse of community to the freshmen class while ultimately aiming to connect the freshmen with the body of Christ at Texas A&M and Blinn. At Impact Retreat in August, Prayer Team is on a 24-hour rotation, praying without ceasing as we lift up the freshmen class.


These informationals are done simultaneously alongside Co-Chair, Crew Chair and Media Chair Applicants. We highly recommend you attend one of these to gain insight into the direction of Impact as a whole and this role specifically. There are two options to attend:

  • Monday, October 7th // 8:45pm // Grace Anderson College Auditorium

  • Wednesday, October 9th // 7:30pm // Grace Anderson College Auditorium

Requirements to Apply

  • 2.0 GPA (both cumulative & grading period prior to Impact Retreat in August)

  • Full-time student at Texas A&M or Blinn in the following Fall semester after Impact Retreat

  • You DO NOT need prior experience on Impact staff to apply

  • Adhere to Impact Retreat's Behavioral Contract


  • Leading weekly 30 minute prayer meetings at camp meetings in the spring

  • Support your Co-Chairs in an effort to prepare counselors for retreat in August

  • Carry an attitude of prayer for the incoming freshmen class

  • Model connectivity and service to the local church

Time Commitments

  • Weekly Leadership Meetings (Sunday 2:00pm - 4:00pm)

  • Weekly Camp Meetings in the Spring Semester (late Feb - early May // 2 hours in the evening)

  • Serving and Leading Together (SaLT) with your same gender Prayer Teamers of your Session (Weekly 1 hr - 3 hr Mtg)

  • Co-Chair / Prayer Team Retreat (November 22nd - 23rd)

  • All Staff Retreats (February 28th - 29th and April 3rd - 4th)

  • Impact Parents Weekend Banquet (April 18th)

  • In College Station 3 days before your assigned session