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The Role of Crew

Impact depends highly on the service of Crew. The tangible hands and feet of much of the behind-the-scenes work is accomplished by our amazing Crew members.

*NEW THIS YEAR* - with four sessions, we will be selecting two teams of crew, one first half team (August 2nd - 8th) and a second half team (August 8th - 14th).

Each crew will be led by two Crew Chairs, and follows the leadership of the Retreat Coordinators, Public Relations Exec and Financial Development Exec depending on the season of Impact. Crew Chairs take this direction from the execs and help implement the ideas and action items to best serve these areas.


We will not have informationals for Crew, but if you have questions about crew, please email or for more details.


We are looking for Crew Members who are also passionate about Financial Development and Public Relations. In addition to the normal support of Retreat Coordinators through Staff Retreats and actual Retreat in August, Crew will come alongside these two roles to help in areas such as:

  • Collecting stories and writing content for newsletters (public relations)

  • Connecting with and encouraging local church leaders (public relations)

  • Aide in establishing relationships with churches outside this city (public relations)

  • Assisting in staff alumni relations (public relations)

  • Supporting with Banquet preparations (financial development)

  • Assisting in donor care (financial development)

  • Helping with additional fundraising efforts like profit shares (financial development)

Requirements to Apply

  • Student at Texas A&M or Blinn

  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative and 2.0 for most recent grading period prior to Impact Retreat

  • NOT required to be a student in the Fall semester following Impact Retreat in August

  • Sign & Agree to Impact Retreat's Behavioral Contract

Time Commitment

  • Semi-weekly meetings (as needed) with Retreat Coordinators, Public Relations Exec or Financial Development Exec for logistics and event preparations

  • Contribute help during times of high need (dependent on yearly calendar)

  • Attendance at key events (Spring Staff Retreats, Banquet, Impact Retreat)