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APPLICATION Site under Maintenance!

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we received word midday today (Tuesday, 1/23) that the site which hosts our counselor application is currently under maintenance.  For this reason, the application is currently unavailable.  They anticipate it being this way until tomorrow morning (Wednes, 1/24) at a minimum.  Please check back and click the application link for updates!  Once resolved we will re-link the application!

Application Questions

In the meantime, if you would like to get started on the application questions, feel free to open a word document and begin typing out your answers to the following questions from the application:

  • Why are you applying for the role of counselor? [200 word limit]
  • Briefly share your testimony of how you came into a relationship with Jesus. [500 word limit]
  • What has the Lord been teaching you recently? Explain how that relates to your life currently. [200 word limit]
  • What would you like freshmen to get out of their Impact experience? [100 word limit]
  • Share two things you are passionate about and why. [200 word limit]
  • Walk us through the Gospel from the beginning of time to where we are today, and what that means for us going forward. [300 word limit]