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The Role of Exec

Exec members of Impact are the highest level of leadership and take care of the operations, programs and logistics necessary to bring Impact from its start each fall to completion come retreats in August.


We strongly encourage people to attend one of our informationals, as we will cover a lot of important things pertaining to the vision of Impact and the specific roles of Exec.

Monday, September 10th // 6:00 PM // Brazos Fellowship (Annex Building)
Wednesday, September 12th // 6:00 PM // Brazos Fellowship (Annex Building)


As the deadline approaches, we will contact applicants and have them submit their availability for the time frame of Sunday, September 16th - Thursday, September 20th.

Requirements to Apply

  • 2.0 GPA (both cumulative and most recent grading period to Impact Retreats in August)

  • At least one year of Impact staff experience

  • Does not require being a student in the Fall semester following Impact Retreat

  • Willing to agree with the Staff Behavioral Contract

Available Positions

Marketing Exec (1 person)

  • Maintain the “face” of Impact through social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

  • Lead in using social media as an avenue for recruitment and publicity

  • Responsible for selecting Media Chairs

  • Plan, organize, and oversee all staff and freshmen publicity

  • Assist with summer freshmen recruitment efforts (NSCs, postcards, etc.)

  • Oversee the process for all staff merchandise, apparel and retreat shirts

  • Develop Impact promotional material

  • Give supervision to Impact’s website design, layout, and content effectiveness

  • Develop strategies to creatively and effectively reach potential staff and freshmen for Impact 2017

  • Assist other Exec members with publicity of additional events

  • Act as supervisor over Media Team

Financial Development Exec (1 person)

  • Execution of Staff Banquet, including live & silent auction, logistics, reservations and programming

  • Plan and coordinate profit shares

  • Develop donor outreach projects (staff alumni, Aggie Moms clubs, key donors)

  • Ensure individual camps are meeting their fundraising goals

  • Assist Executive Director in donor database and tax-contribution letters

  • Brainstorm innovative and effective means of fundraising

  • Write thank you notes to donors

Retreat Coordinators (1 guy & 1 girl)

  • Liaison between Impact and Retreat Site

  • Responsible for selecting Crew Chairs

  • Plan schedule for Impact Retreat

  • Manage contracts and communication with retreat speaker and worship leader

  • Lead in selection of and communication with breakout session speakers and guy / girl time speakers

  • Organize freshmen housing before and during retreats

  • Coordinate bus reservations and assignments

  • Lead in training staff in risk management / emergency protocol

  • Develop all large programmatic elements of Impact Retreat (i.e. Neon Nights, Competitions)

  • Manage Impact Retreat registration and check-in process for Retreat

  • Develop Rev Night reveals for Co-Chairs and Prayer Team

  • Act as direct co-supervisor over Crew alongside the other Retreat Coordinator

Staff Development Execs (1 guy & 1 girl)

  • Develop training strategy for Co-Chairs, Prayer Teamers and Counselors throughout the year and at Impact Retreat

  • Maintain / refine written curriculum that will develop a staffer’s leadership skills and ministry effectiveness

  • Run/Delegate all elements of Co-Chair leadership meetings (agenda, location, duration, etc.)

  • Delegate prayer meetings (weekly Academic Plaza, staff retreats, exec and training team meetings)

  • Give leadership and direction to Training Team, developing curriculum for LCGs and SALT meetings

  • Deliver training content at all staff retreats (training team, co-chair/prayer team, all staff retreats)

  • Host Training Team meetings to guide & give direction as they lead their respective groups

  • Work alongside Retreat Coordinators in the development of pre-session training meetings

  • Maintain and document a comprehensive training curriculum to be transferrable from year-to-year

Public Relations Exec (1 person)

  • Oversee an alumni reaching strategy

  • Create and maintain the alumni database

  • Develop content and distribute a bi-monthly newsletter for alumni / other interested individuals

  • Act as the primary connection between Impact and the local church

  • Creatively consider ways to strengthen Impact’s relationship with the local church, primarily through opportunities to connect freshmen and staff to it

  • Manage all aspects of Ministry Fair, logistically and programmatically

  • Develop Gig’em Week events schedule with incorporation of local church events

  • Primary host for any alumni, guests or board members at big events (i.e. Banquet, Retreat)

  • New: brainstorm "Impact Ambassadors" idea with Phil and oversee the possible implementation