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The Role of Directors

Directors take care of the operations, programs and logistics necessary to bring Impact from its start each fall to completion come retreats in August. They carry the mission and vision of Impact and give leadership to the exec team.

Requirements to Apply

  • 2.0 GPA (both cumulative and most recent grading period to Impact Retreats in August)

  • At least one year of Impact staff experience

  • Does not require being a student in the Fall semester following Impact Retreat.

  • Willing to adhere to the Staff Behavioral Contract

  • Recommended to have served as either a Prayer Teamer, Co-Chair, Trainer or Exec in the past.

Role Responsibilities

  • Be the primary carrier of the mission and goals of Impact

  • Work with your director partner to agree upon a scriptural focal verse or passage for Impact

  • Select the Exec Team (with the Executive Director) as well as assist in the selection of Training Team, Media Chairs, Crew Chairs, Co-Chairs and Prayer Teamers

  • Lead Exec meetings (weekly or bi-weekly, depending on the work load)

  • Plan and execute Fall Exec Retreat with the assistance, direction and support of the Executive Director

  • Hold exec members accountable for the tasks within their job description

  • Oversee / lead staff selection process, staff selection weekend and staff retreat planning

  • Carry out meetings, investigation and disciplinary action needed for contract issues among Impact Staff

  • Partner with the Executive Director to fulfill logistics relating to any meeting, informational and/or staff retreats

  • Be present at all events with an understanding that the director will likely be the first to arrive, last to leave and first to lend a hand to any and all roles and responsibilities that need support.